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Our COVID-19 Policies

As a company, we believe equal access to medical education and healthcare are of great importance. The safety of our visitors, precepting physicians, and their patients is something we hold in high regard. In an effort to keep all parties safe, we updated our policy regarding clinical experiences.

We are waiving all change fees on new and existing reservations as a result of COVID-19-related program site cancellations, travel restrictions, or university restrictions.

We will update our policy as the situation develops. 

To view our full COVID-19 policy, click on the link below. We will continue to update our policies as necessary.

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Forbes Final

The American Immigration Council finds that “foreign-trained doctors make up slightly more than 25% of all physicians in the US, playing an important role in the healthcare system, particularly in filling medical shortfalls in disadvantaged communities.”

AMO works with US medical schools to provide research and clinical experience to international medical students to prepare them for this role and recognizes the importance of immigrants in healthcare.

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AMO on Builtin Chicago

In a world where lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders restrict physical movement, digital technology is filling the void to keep households connected, supplied, entertained and informed. 

Amid the increased demand for digital products and services — and the logistical challenges associated with a massive work-from-home transition — many Chicago tech companies have not forgotten those who are struggling right now. #UnitedWeTech.

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AMO on The American Bazaar

With the U.S. continuing to be one of the worst coronavirus affected countries in the world, there is an increased need for medical professionals to join the fight against COVID-19. Yet, about 65,000 unlicensed medical graduates from international schools are not allowed to join in efforts to contain the spreading pandemic.

Keeping this in mind, AMO started a petition to allow IMGs (international medical graduates) to assist U.S. hospitals in any capacity. 

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